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look a dolfine

2008-01-07 12:30:31 by poopkicker24

this is a dolfine and it is a dacing dolfine and i make it do slave work sooooooo ......................................
................. WORK SLAVE NOW DANCE,CLEAN MY ROOM(IM 12),KILL THE COMMENTERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look a dolfine


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2008-01-07 12:50:41

Oh look! A dolphin! :|

poopkicker24 responds:

hey will u send me a portal buddie reqwest please


2008-02-01 10:38:16

thats a little crazy- and i read your reveiw for platform racing infernal hop is not impossible i beat it with and without a tele item

poopkicker24 responds:

i could not find one but thanks for this comment and if your playing my name is mickey-D so play wit chu later and also send me a portal buddy reqwest


2008-02-29 12:33:49

I kill dolphins

poopkicker24 responds:

bull shit this one has aids


2008-03-27 16:52:25

how about a fall on you if ypu do a ron thing or a pizzle that you have to dodge a rockit or airows