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Very Dissapointing

2008-11-20 15:50:03 by poopkicker24

OK. I finaly picked up a copy of Silent Hill Homecoming recently, and(as the title says) it was very dissapointing. First, I didn't like all the changes to Pyrimid Head or "Boogie Man" as he's refered to in this game. He not only is unfight-able, (is that even a word?) but he looks completely different from his SH2 conterpart. Next is the respawning monsters. I liked it better when if you fight enough to the point where you get some peace and quiet. The lack of puzzles was... lacking. Though the game itself was okay. The combat system was improved greatly, and the lack of ammo was actually realistic. Think about it, Who keeps 10 boxes of ammo in a hospital? The biggest dissapiontment was the endings. The good ending was in no way good. I hope the game brought you more joy than it did for me.

Also, new madness flash coming soon!

Very Dissapointing


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2009-03-17 22:43:38

Sillenthill homecomeing to me was a damn good game I liked all the changes, great story line , great gameplay, graphics well you get my picture. :) the music was enjoyable also.

poopkicker24 responds:

yea but there is a few downsides


2009-04-01 20:16:40

miss me!!! hey dude im back to new grounds and home comeing was a ok game


2009-09-14 23:30:13

i heard it was bad, so i stayed away from it. thanks for confirming it! btw, not a real fan of the new pyramid head either.

poopkicker24 responds:

yea it was ok but downsides win so yea have fun