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Silent Hill!!!

2008-07-29 12:34:10 by poopkicker24

Hey. I'm working on a flash about silent hill 2. Why? Well, Why the Hell not? I can't say much but, I do have some rough charecter designs. If you want to contribute by voiceing a guy/girl/monster/eddie just post it in a comment the voices taken are James, PH, and Armless man. Cool huh? I also apologise for any bad quallity in the pic.

Silent Hill!!!


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2008-07-30 20:23:59

is PH a she or a he?

poopkicker24 responds:

He. He also happens to wear a dress made of skin. Twisted huh?


2008-07-31 13:34:48

YES! I am a part of this.

poopkicker24 responds:

hahahahahahaha good one but no really screw you


2008-07-31 13:37:07

aah.. Dick.


2008-08-05 09:59:46

cool make eddie die by PH but make him die my food


2008-08-06 02:02:07

Hey Jake i need to talk to ya about something just so ya know its Zach send a PM later ok